Want to share some quality tea time with your friends and family, without the limitation of the location?

Mosey will offer you the oportunity to enjoy the tea ceremony anywhere you want.


Mosey tea is a product about nomadic tea making.


Designer Jie Chen grew up in a tea production area in China, where the traditional tea ceremony was part of everyday life; when she came to the Netherlands she brought her own tea set with her. “Having tea with different people at different places makes the tradition more dynamic,” she says. Therefore she designed Mosey: a stackable tea set that you can easily bring to the park, the office or a friends house. Protected by the textile wrap and leather shoulder bag the earthenware tea set can be safely transported. On arrival, the tea mat in the special compartment on the side transforms any surface into an instant tea table.

Two pieces of textile strips will make sure all the ceramic pieces are nicely binded.

Details of the side pocket, and tea container.

Teapot, pitcher and cups.


Same as we took the tea bag out of the tea, pouring tea from the pot to pitcher also allowed us control the strength of the tea.

After the graduation, Jie is working on bring Mosey to the next steps.

At the moment, the development is focusing on reproduce the teaset in porcelain, with the possibility of different colors and textures.


Please follow Jie on Instagram (Jieeeeee) to check out the process of the development, and contact her if you are interested about the product.



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