DDW21-Down To Earth

At location

During our workshop, the participants will glimpse the past in the Eindhoven region through the archaeological ceramic food vessels, and recreate a new ceramic piece to serve the future.

We will create a new piece by extracting the knowledge relevant to our proficiency from the artifacts..

Project “Down To Earth” is a research project of studio jie chen, under the support of the Piet Zwart Institute. Together with the archaeologists from the Erfgoedhuis Eindhoven, I am organizing several ceramic workshops, to unfold the everyday life of our ancestors through archaeological ceramic food vessels.

For the general visit of the studio, we are open from 12:00-13:00 and 17:00-18:00 during DDW.

Not able to make the schedule? Please get in touch with info@jiechen.nl or call 0685285091


16th October, Saturday

17th October, Sunday

18th October, Monday

19th October, Tuesday

20th October, Wednesday  ( FULL )

21st October, Thursday

22nd October, Friday

23rd October, Saturday

24th October, Sunday

**Please note, according to the DDW regulation for workshops, showing your corona entry pass (in the form of a QR code) is mandatory.

Studio Jie Chen

Studio Jie Chen was founded in 2015, focusing on designing ceramic everyday life utensils, and realised the idea of small-scale porcelain production. From 2019, I started to offer workshops and courses, transferring the ceramic knowledge in various depths and methodologies.

About Jie Chen


Next to the professional life, Jie always introduces herself as a ceramic nerd and everyday life enthusiast.


After graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015, she founded studio Jie Chen to continue her journey with product design, while working as ceramic instructor.

2020, Jie created the sub-brand "Seven And Half", to focus on designing everyday life utensils, design and produce culinary approved ceramic products to cherish the daily essentials.